About CurbTrac

Charley DeBow Profile Image

Charley DeBow


Charley has built extensive knowledge and experience in the parking and mobility industry and is widely recognized as a municipal technology and innovation leader. He has managed municipal, private and event parking operations as well as spending the last five years as a mobile payment sales executive. His broad expertise allows him a comprehensive understanding of how to correctly apply technology to any parking operation.

Daniel Bell


Dan is an experienced entrepreneur who focuses on implementing new technologies to increase operational efficiency. Proven ability to take ideas from concept to implementation in an organized and structured fashion. Dan is a motivational leader who keeps his teams focused, informed and energized to complete goals on time and on budget.

Nathan Donnell


Nathan is an innovative technology strategist who comes up with fresh ideas and new systems in the parking and mobility industry. He has extensive experience working with municipalities, universities, and private operators to enhance their parking programs with the use of technology. He has strong analytical and planning skills combined with the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals.

Our Core Values

We do the right thing for our clients. Period.

Win.Win.Win. Create Solutions where our partners win, the consumer wins, and our company wins.

If we take care of our employees, they will take care of our clients.

Our Mission

Our goal at CurbTrac is simple, allow our clients to increase the use of mobile payments in their operations. This allows them to start implementing smarter curb management strategies. It all starts with accepting more payments digitally, but we won’t stop with just mobile payments. Higher adoption is the hurdle you need to cross to start evolving. So, lets tackle that first. We are obsessively focused on increasing adoption to put you on the path to the future. As your operation evolves, as your curb strategies change, and your digital payments needs change, we will be right there with you. We built our technology with best of breed development tools. Our core technology was engineered for quick scalability and flexible future functionality development.