Single App Approach

A significant reason for low adoption rates is the “standalone app” model that most cities deploy for their mobile app parking strategy. This requires users to have different apps for different cities, does not allow multiple apps within the same city and does nothing to create a more extensible smart parking ecosystem. The primary cause of the current standalone model is because of the technical complexities of payment management.

CurbTrac Solution

CurbTrac seeks to increase mobile parking app adoption rates by allowing clients to deploy multiple mobile payment apps for any parking operation while providing them with data analysis tools needed to better manage their smart parking operations. Our hosted “mobility-as-a-service” platform eliminates the complexities of parking payment processing for current parking app developers and makes available a payment engine for a new generation of parking app developers. The solution automates many of the manual tasks parking operators perform daily, eliminating errors and omissions that are often ignored due to the difficulties in auditing thousands of transactions.

Our Experience

CurbTrac was created after a combined 25+ years of parking and mobility experience of the co-founders. They have spent the last 6 years as leaders in the mobility payment vertical, working with over 200 cities and universities to develop, implement and manage mobile parking payments.  No other team has more mobile payment knowledge and expertise in the parking and mobility industry